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New tools

26 March 2012

It’s been abnormally rainy here, so I haven’t been able to dig the garden.  I did notice I was missing a couple tools suggested in Jeavons’s book, so I bought them.

Spading fork and fan nozzle.

The fork cost $28.99 and the nozzle cost $10.99, plus I had a $5 coupon.  (I’m contemplating publishing my gardening budget for the whole year, plus a total of produce I get from the garden, similar to Thoreau’s breakdown in Walden.  What do you think of this idea?)  It’s a lot of money on my limited income, but according to the book, they are essential for biointensive gardening.  I bought the best quality tools I could find, since I know how valuable they are.  Many of the tools I have belonged to my grandfather long before I was born and they are still in excellent shape.  I hope the fork at least will have a similar lifespan.  I’m concerned that the fork is too short for me, as I am fairly tall and long-limbed, but I could not find one of decent quality with a longer handle in local shops.  My only option might be to order one online, which wouldn’t arrive until after I’m done needing it for this season.

This post is rather light on content, but the weather has prevented me from doing much gardening.  However, I’ve already started preparing my next blog post, which will be about Jeavons’s double digging method.  Until then, here’s a picture of one stem of my mother’s firmly established rosemary bush in the front yard, which I believe is approaching its 10th birthday.

"Bush" is no longer an accurate description for this plant, as it has prospered and grown tremendously.


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  1. Caroline permalink

    Taking a good look at your expenditures will be interesting and useful, I think! Maybe we can do a comparison of what the “probable” amounts would have been if you had bought the same amount of produce from the store (cost of produce and cost of travel, etc.) as what you end up growing this summer. That can support the cost-effectiveness of gardening! I’ll help. Like that idea?

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