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The Plan

31 March 2012

Illness and more rain have delayed my garden plans, so I’m resting, organizing, and planning.  Now, I’m not really much of a planner.  When I cook, I tend to glance over a recipe once (if even that) and then just start throwing things into the pot, never measuring anything.  But sometimes a more structured approach does help.

My garden is on my parents’ land, in the same spot where they used to garden back before grandchildren and promotions took up all their time.  But my father just retired this year, so he is planning on gardening for the first time in several years.  Jeavons claims in his book that if I want to plant the same amount I planted last year, I will need a quarter of the space this year.  The garden plot is 32′ x 16′, and I used about three fourths of it last year.  My father and I are dividing the plot in half, so I have a 16′ x 16′ plot for my garden.  Since I’m always overly ambitious when it comes to food, I plan to use it all.  The bed I’ve started digging is 13′ x 6′, and I will prepare another one parallel to it later, with a 2′ to 3′ walkway in the middle.  My father and I are going to put a fence around the whole garden to keep out deer and rabbits.  Interestingly, my father will be doing a traditional tilled row garden, so seeing how the two different gardening styles perform side-by-side will be fascinating.

I rarely stick to a plan, but maybe I'll surprise myself this time.


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One Comment
  1. Caroline permalink

    Love it! And super proud of you for planning (and surprised and probably slightly scared, too)! I’m especially eager to see what you learn about planting more crops in smaller spaces. I’d like to glean that knowledge from you, too, please.

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