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Double Dig, step 2, part 2: Weeds: The Gardener Strikes Back

4 April 2012

I finally finished weeding.  I think it took me a good 12 hours just to remove the wire grass. There has to be a way to do that more efficiently, but it is not immediately obvious to me.  At least the rest of the double dig should be easier (famous last words).  I think the bed looks pretty good!

The far side is drier because I last touched it earlier in the week.

My next quandry is what to do with all the wire grass.  I could try to compost it, but folks around here say it’ll germinate and take over the compost pile if I do that.  However, a good compost pile is so hot that most things can’t germinate.  However, my compost pile is nowhere near that good.  So I am torn.  It seems like a lot of biomass to waste!  My father asked me to spread some of it over the new septic line we dug last year.

It's hard to tell in this image, but the pile is two feet high!

In other news, I have a few returners from last year on the opposite side of the garden.  You can view them in the gallery for this post.  They are cilantro (I’ve never seen it bloom before!), mountain mint, and thyme.


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