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Raised Herb Bed: One Month Later

27 May 2012

Everything has flourished in the shaded herb bed.  The sick cilantro has bounced back, and the other cilantro is several feet tall now.  Both are full of little round pods, though whether they are seeds or new flower buds, I’m not sure.  Until now, I’d never seen cilantro bloom or put out seeds, so I don’t know what to expect.  I’ve been reading on several blogs about how to preserve coriander, so hopefully I will be able to harvest seeds this summer and give that a try.  The thyme has just exploded.  Everyone who has seen it recently is surprised at how big it has grown.  I’ve certainly never seen thyme grow so large.  The mint is thriving, though it is the only one that doesn’t surprise me; it is a hardy cultivar.

Creeping Winter Savory and Vietnamese Coriander

I bought a variety of herbs from Archer Lodge Herb Farm (but I’ll cover all those in another post).  The man who sold them to me suggested I plant these two in my shade bed.  I tried to grow savory last year and it died within a few weeks, though it was an unusually hot summer and I planted it in full sun.  I’d never seen Vietnamese coriander before, but the taste is familiar, so I’ve probably unknowingly eaten it before.  I’m looking forward to cooking with them both.

Why is it doing that?

The cilantro has bent nearly completely over, and I don’t know why.  It seems very healthy otherwise.  It could just be gravity, but I’m worried that perhaps it isn’t getting enough sun, because the direction it’s bending would put the top of it in one more hour of sunlight each day.  It certainly isn’t impeding its growth or production of pods.  I forgot to ask the man at Archer Lodge Herb Farm why it was doing that, but he did explain to me that cilantro is a winter crop and should be planted in the fall and harvested in the spring.  I will try to save some of the seeds and grow them in a full sun bed over the winter.

See more images in today’s gallery.


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