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Late Spring Around the Garden

14 June 2012

As is appropriate for the season, things are growing.  We’ve had quite a bit of rain and pleasant temperatures.  I had no idea if the chives would grow back after a harvest, but they have quite vigorously, so it seems I will have fresh chives available at will unless the summer heat kills it.  The mint continues to thrive, a squash is growing out of the compost pile, clover is blooming out of the wheelbarrow that I never emptied, and the thyme is threatening to overrun the savory.


I can’t believe this thyme.  Since I took this picture, I’ve whacked about half of it off just so it won’t take over the shade bed.  I’m giving it away to everyone I can think of.  The stems have gotten so long they’re almost like vines.  I didn’t know thyme even could grow like this, and most other people who’ve seen it are also surprised by how big it has grown.  I’m certainly not complaining, I just wish I knew what specifically I was doing right so I could repeat it.

Edit: Today, the day after I wrote this post, was the first bright and sunny day we’ve had this week, so I took more pictures of blooming things and added them to the gallery for this post.

The chives and mint are both blooming for a second time, though the mint flowers are much more subdued than before.  However, they are covered in some sort of wasp that I’m not familiar with.  Black-eyed Susans have filled one corner of the garden, but unfortunately we trampled a lot of them during another round of fence construction.  I also picked a single banana pepper today.

View images of all these happy plants in today’s gallery.


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