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Building the Gate

12 July 2012

The gate of the garden took the most work, because we realized if we didn’t build it right, it would sag under its own weight and tear off its own hinges.  Luckily, this isn’t my dad’s first woodworking rodeo, and he had some good engineering ideas.  I’ve become very thankful for his help in building the structures I’m using in this garden, because I do not have the knowledge or the skill to build such durable and well-crafted things.  I would have made everything out of bamboo and scrap materials, which would have cost next to nothing, but would probably have to be rebuilt each year.  This fence will last decades, though I am concerned that the wood was not harvested and processed in a sustainable way.


We moved the cars and laid out the wood on the driveway so we could measure, cut, and arrange the pieces of the gate on a flat surface.  This was far preferable to attempting to construct it upright, since far more precision was required than when we were building the rest of the fence.

This construction technique worked rather well.  The large angle at the top left is an engineering structure to prevent the gate from sagging under its own weight at the end opposite the hinges.  Its function should be more apparent in the following image.

The completed gate, attached to the fence.  There’s a latch on the right side that isn’t visible in this image.  It swings open and closed very easily.  In fact, my 2 year old nephew can open and close it himself, even though it weighs probably 30 or 40 pounds.  The cost of the gate was mostly included in my previous post, though I may have forgotten to include the cost of the 3 hinges.

It’s no secret dwarven door, but you can view more images of the whole construction process in today’s gallery.






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