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Lemongrass harvest

4 October 2012

I only harvest lemongrass once a year.  It’s a tropical plant and it can’t survive the winters here, so I plant it shortly after the last frost and harvest it the first time a weather forecast in the fall calls for temperatures in the 30s.  I usually harvest the whole plant, though last year I cut off a section and kept it inside in a pot for the winter and replanted it in the spring.  Apparently this worked, because this year’s lemongrass is the biggest I’ve ever had.

The process is quite easy.  First I cut the plant down at the base of the stalks.  Then I cut the leaves and put them in the compost pile, keeping the bottom foot to 2 feet of each stalk.  Then I peel off the outer layer of each stalk and toss that in the compost pile (this gets rid of bugs and dirt).  Then I wash each stalk, let it dry on a rack overnight, then put them in plastic bags and freeze them.  This provides me with lemongrass year round.  A single plant is more than enough and I never come close to using it all.

A few more images in today’s gallery.


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