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Fending off deer yet again

7 May 2013

Deer have nibbled off portions of my serviceberry tree, most of the unripe berries and the surrounding leaves and twigs.


I have to do something about this, and I happen to have this pile of bamboo I harvested last fall.


So, I’m going to build a little fence around the serviceberry tree. I used a boltcutter to trim down four medium sized bamboo logs to about 5 feet tall. A boltcutter isn’t ideal for this, as it causes the bamboo to split, but it is quick and easy. A hacksaw would prevent splitting entirely. I cut near the membrane so the bamboo split away from the part I would use. I also got some netting left over from building the garden fence last year.


I dug four small holes in the ground and put it all together. I need to reinforce it later with more ties, but tension is holding it up for now.


I’m concerned that the deer will just reach under the fence and do even more damage, but I’m hoping they’ll encounter the obstacle and move on to easier plants. Hopefully they’ll feel uncomfortable sticking their heads in there. If they nibble on the lower branches, I’ll just add more netting. As the tree gets bigger, I can expand the fence if needed, though hopefully in a year or two I won’t need to keep it fenced.


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