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Roasted Radishes

8 May 2013

Since I’m getting radishes from my garden and from my CSA, I thought I had way too many to eat. Then one of my friends sent me this recipe.


I drizzled them in olive oil, then added sea salt, mixed ground peppercorns, the last of my coriander from last year’s garden, and the indefatigable thyme that is growing right now. I baked them at 450 for about 18 minutes. My friend’s recipe included balsamic vinegar, which I omitted because it makes me ill, and garlic, which I omitted because it makes my mother ill.

They’re quite tasty. They’d be better with garlic. They’re still fairly crunchy, though far softer than when they are raw. My friend’s recipe and others I looked up online said they would become soft like potatoes. I was concerned about overcooking them, since the thyme had already turned black. Still, they’re pretty good. I will make this recipe again.


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  1. snowmentality permalink

    Awesome! I love roasted root vegetables, but somehow I never thought of roasting radishes. I’ll have to try it! (Since I don’t have homegrown radishes, it won’t be as good — but still worth a try.)

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