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The end of a very wet Spring in the garden

10 June 2013

I’ve been busy this Spring!  I have three double-dug beds in the main garden (though one is sparsely populated), two fruit trees, a shade bed with nothing new aside from what survived the winter, and a few herbs I’ve planted around the edge of the garden.

This is the first time I’ve tried growing things from seed.  The soil is in egg cartons and the egg cartons are in a litter box.  They didn’t get enough sunlight, unfortunately, but I’m not sure where else I could put them.  Hopefully they’ll still survive.

I drew a chart for the seedlings on this envelope of junk mail.

This is the bed I double-dug last year.  Over the winter, I planted cilantro and garlic in it.  The cilantro took a beating in the tropical storm last week, so I think I may lose a good bit of the coriander, unfortunately.  There should be enough to get another crop going, however.  In the lower left of the image is some lemongrass I recently planted, and in the lower center is a volunteer amaranth plant.  I assume the amaranth I grew last year spread some seeds around.  There are several other amaranth plants elsewhere in the garden, and one in the compost pile.  To the left off of the image I planted the squash and cucumber seedlings.  I dug up one garlic plant recently, but it is very stunted and doesn’t appear to be usable at all.  I’ll dig up the rest soon, probably when the coriander is ready to harvest.

This is the spring bed.  Most of the greens had died back some when daily highs reached the upper 80s in May while what remained bolted (as you can still see), but since then the weather has been very cloudy and rainy and the spinach and lettuce in particular have made a return.  I need to eat more of it.  Most of what’s bolting is the ruby streaks mustard, though a few other things are, as well.  On my to-do list is to figure out if the mustard seed is edible and how to best save it for another harvest.  On the upper left of the image, at the edge of the bed, are several volunteer tomato plants.  To the right, a bean plant is almost ready to harvest.

This is the summer bed.  I just planted it a couple weeks ago.  I spent a little extra money and bought most of the plants fairly large, since I was doing the planting in late May.  I had a lot of trouble with my allergies this year which prevented me from getting the bed ready as early as I would have liked.  In this bed are six tomatoes, six basil plants, five hot peppers, four bell peppers, three eggplants, two lavenders, one Cuban oregano, and a few transplanted Love Lies Bleeding amaranth that volunteered in a neglected pot.  Most of the herbs are from Archer Lodge Herb Farm again, as I have been very pleased with their health and production.  Note the Thai basil in the lower left corner of the image is dying, and it is the only basil plant that I did not buy from Archer Lodge Herb Farm.  I can cover this bed in more detail if there is interest.  The Ichiban eggplant is almost ready for its first harvest already!

This is the compost pile.  Not much is visible any more, since these plants decided to become gargantuan.  I’m pretty sure the squash-like is going to be some kind of hybrid inedible gourd, but I can’t quite tell yet.  The tomato seems to be a cherry tomato.

To my surprise and great pleasure, the slain pawpaw appears to be making an attempt at new growth!  If anyone has any tips on how I can encourage this plant to survive, I would greatly appreciate a comment.  I will probably build a fence around it this week.  The other pawpaw has put out a significant amount of new growth and seems to greatly favor this unusually wet weather.

You can see more images, including the other pawpaw, some closeups of vegetables, and a rare funnel web spider in today’s set.


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