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Things Best Left For Darker Hours

19 June 2013

I get anxious before traveling and usually can’t sleep the night before, so I’ve been working down my to-do list so there’s less to do in the morning.  I got to “pick stuff from garden” and realized I don’t have to wait for morning to do that.  So, I grabbed a flashlight that straps to my head, a bucket, and got out there.

Mixed greens, Greek columnar basil, Cuban basil, and African blue basil, Ichiban eggplant, green beans, and fresh coriander. I also picked some mustard, but none of it actually made it into the bucket. It’s too delicious to wait to eat.

There’s something intimate about crouching down in the middle of my garden on a moonless night, everything still dripping from recent rain, surrounded by the plants that I’ve cared for and that nourish me, and not being able to see past the fence. I felt enveloped by the tomatoes and mustard, and I think I got lost in the spinach’s caress. And the coriander, well, we had something special. And the bugs are so active at night! Stinkbugs, slugs, katydids, spiders, there are so many and they are so wondrously diverse! I picked until my fingers were wrinkly and my heart swelling with joy from all the rain clinging to the leaves. I never thought I could have such strong emotional connections to plants until I let gardening become important to me, until I let the plants become part of my identity and understood us as part of a greater whole. It is divine.


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