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Experiment in Local Food: Late Summer Cooking

14 August 2013

My okra was past ready to pick, so I decided to cook it right away.  I didn’t have anything else interesting on hand, so I just pulled what I could from the garden and cooked up something.

I picked okra, Cuban basil, Cuban oregano, thyme, oxalis, and Thai peppers.  I added coriander from the spring and some of my neighbor’s odd orange cherry tomatoes.  I fried it all up in butter and put it on top of jasmine rice, which are the only two ingredients that weren’t grown within a quarter mile of my kitchen.

The okra was too big and fibrous.  I should have picked it last week.  The smaller parts tasted good, very mild flavor, slightly slimy.  The tomatoes were also a little slimy, so that didn’t help.  Fresh tomatoes would have counteracted the sliminess.  It also wasn’t spicy enough for me.  These peppers are unusually mild, and I didn’t use enough of the other herbs.  It was still a pretty good meal, just needs some tweaking.  I did like the combinations of herbs, I just needed more of it.


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