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The Volunteers

10 September 2013

I thought tomato season was over, after a disappointingly low yield.

I was wrong.

I’ve largely been ignoring this year’s spring bed since it wasn’t producing anything edible any more, and I let the mustards and spinaches go to seed and take over the bed.  I didn’t really bother to examine it.  I had seen a couple volunteer tomatoes growing around the edge, but they looked sickly, and I didn’t think I would be able to do anything.  But in the past couple weeks, all the spring greens have died back, revealing that the volunteer tomatoes have overgrown the entire bed.  They’re full of delicious, flavorful, perfect cherry tomatoes.  They’re better than all the tomatoes I deliberately planted this year.

Also, the squash and cucumbers died, after never producing a fully ripe vegetable.  But once the plants withered, I discovered about half a dozen volunteer hot pepper plants, presumably reseeded from peppers that fell in this same spot in last year’s summer bed.  The first one is just about ripe, and the plants look healthier than the cayenne I planted earlier this year.

Hooray volunteers.  I don’t think my garden would have been nearly as interesting this year if I didn’t have lots of them.  I sure am glad I didn’t pull up anything unless I absolutely had to.

More pictures of volunteers and herbs are in today’s photo set.



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